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Complete nets for fish farming

SIREC SpA, following the successful feedback received from our customers during this years on the quality of our nets, has decided to enlarge its production for the aquaculture market by setting up in June 2007 a department to manufacture complete nets for fish farming - both floating and submergible types. We thus provide farmers with a new standard quality product designed down to the smallest details (from raw material to finished product), also based on our Quality System (certified by CISQ ISO 9001:2000).
We manufacture directly the main components used: natural white or black knotless nets with square or hexagonal meshes; polysteel or polypropylene H.T. twisted ropes. As a consequence they are consistently compliant with our product certification standards.
Based on the standard production range of our knotless nets, all mesh and twine sizes are available from 210/18 to 210/300 as concerns H.T. nylon. Upon the customer’s request we are also able to manufacture nets with different materials such as polyethylene, mixed nylon/polyethylene, polyester and other materials.

Our staff’s experience in net handling as well as last-generation machinery such as industrial sewing machines and different clipping machines are used for this new activity.
Nets complete with industrial marine zip fasteners can be supplied in order to make work and maintenance easier.
Antifouling treatments are possible upon request

A major feature of net manufacturing is its double sewing - outer and inner respectively - on each individual rope - both horizontal and vertical. It makes the net extremely sturdy and prevents the seams from sliding along the rope. Our clipping machines - the most powerful and the largest on the market - ensure very sturdy and long-lasting fastening by means of stainless-steel 3mm-diameter clips on the different splices carried out on the ropes. Manual work ensures further fastening at the points where vertical and horizontal ropes cross and wherever the net directly touches the ropes in order to avoid any problems with wear and tear where the net directly touches the steel clip.

The range is completed by anti-bird nets, manufactured with standard knotted, green twisted polyethylene or black braided nylon nets.

Following a specific request from the customer we can also provide repair and maintenance services on the nets - which will have to be washed before being shipped to our factory.

Complete nets for fish farmingComplete nets for fish farmingComplete nets for fish farming
Complete nets for fish farmingComplete nets for fish farmingComplete nets for fish farming


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