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Sirec SpaOur Company was established in 1992 as SIREC SRL by a team of experienced managers and specialists who decided to take the place of a previous managerial team in the management of the business. SIREC SPA, whose production site is located on a sea area in central Italy along the Adriatic Sea, is today a reality with its steady presence on the market both in Italy and abroad (especially in the Mediterranean area and in some overseas countries).

Sirec Spa - Plant insideOver the last few years our production, which includes twines, nets and ropes in textile fibres meeting primary quality requirements and at first exclusively aimed at the market of professional fishing, has gradually entered the market of aquaculture with increasingly satisfactory results.

In our factory, equipped with adequate facilities, the work of suitable machines is inseparably linked to the work of our craftsmen, who are an essential component in the manufacture of quality products. All the production stages are duly checked and certified CISQ / ISO 9001 – 2000.

All this is done by paying attention to the smallest details in order to offer our customers products which will keep them satisfied and convinced of their choice.

S.I.RE.C. s.p.a. - Via Canaletto 28 - 60019 Senigallia (AN)
P.I. / C.F. / Registro Imprese 01292110424 - REA AN 121673 - Capitale sociale € 340.000,00
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