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Nylon nets

This kind of net is commonly used all over the world to manufacture seines (tuna/anchovy-mackerel).
The special physical characteristics of the material used for its production (breaking strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance, toughness and specific weight) make it irreplaceable in order to efficiently carry out this kind of fishing.
On the contrary the use of these nets in trawl fishing has decreased considerably over the last few years to the benefit of polyethylene nets.

Our production:

  1. Raw materials used
    Nylon H.T. multifilament (min. 78 CN/TEX) in natural white or black colour for seines. UV STABILIZED.
  2. Range of production of twines

    Braided (16 spools)
    diam. 1,5 mm. (600 mt./kg.)
    diam. 1,8 mm. (500 mt./kg.)
    diam. 2,0 mm. (400 mt./kg.)
    diam. 2,5 mm. (280 mt./kg.)
    diam. 3,0 mm. (220 mt./kg.)
    diam. 3,5 mm. (160 mt./kg.)
    diam. 4,0 mm. (125 mt./kg.)
    diam. 5,0 mm. (90 mt./kg.)
    diam. 6,0 mm. (70 mt./kg.)

  3. Range of production of nets
    Production with simple or double twine for mesh lengths from 20 mm to 1.00mt. (side).
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